RAVEN and Company

(I'm the RAVEN and you're The Company)
RAVEN, in partnership with Gossamer Wump
have formed GoWump

last changed on July 4th.,2014
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Come and wander aimlessly with me
into the future by way of the past.

Hello. I call this area
RAVEN's Virtual Workshop
Come see what I'm messing with!
(updated 03-17-07)

This is where to go to hear it
The Story of Gossamer Wump
(updated June 1st.,2007)

My home movies
Triangle Video company
films from years ago ...
(updated 10-7-06)

Triangle Humor company
video humor from the internet.
(updated 5-15-06)

Some Adventures of Mom
Ginnie Higman
Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, Journalism and More
(updated 12-25-04)

Here is a collection of jokes from
Bar & Office Humor
A Joke Book that I use to produce.
(updated 11-07-06)

This is where I live.
My Father and I
built this house in 1983.
Some Photo's and History

How it all started
(updated 04-15-02)

Kayaking in Alaska
Kayak 'Atak
kayak rental business

My Mentor's Book
Sailing The Dream

by: John F. McGrady

Walking Seattle to the Aleutian Islands
Dr. Hig and Erin
Their 4000 mile trip
What will my relatives do next?

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